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Client Testimonials

"CranioSacral therapy was recommended to me for headaches, anxiety and emotional healing.  Surprising, its techniques and Rachel's abilities have been the best lasting help with all three!"  - Josh S. 

“I loved everything about the session.  Especially the release of my SI joint. Thank you for the much needed healing.”​  - Pat M. 

“My 3 month old daughter had a tongue/lip tie revision, and she would not let me do the recommended stretches.  Rachel was able to help her release the tension in her mouth that not only helped make it possible to do the stretches, but made it so I no longer needed to use a shield when nursing!  Rachel was such a blessing in this stressful process.  Her gentle touch, soothing nature, and her ability to tune into the needs of the body is amazing! ” - Angie W.

“I highly recommend craniosacral therapy.  I suffer from migraines and after a car accident, pain from migraines and the injuries I sustained was severe.  The craniosacral therapy I received helped my body heal and was the only treatment I received that didn't aggravate my injuries or migraines.  Rachel is wonderful at listening and never rushed me as I explained my symptoms.  She was great to answer my questions and used medical research and articles to explain craniosacral therapy.  I felt so much better after seeing her and never felt pushed into treatment.  I would recommend Rachel to anyone who feels pain.” - Katie L.  

"Rachel plays an important role in the integration of body, mind and spirit; so necessary for the healing process.  With her sensitivity, and gentle touch, she skillfully reminds the body/mind what it's  like to feel relaxed and pain free.  My session with Rachel was very, very peaceful.  I was feeling a lot of forgiveness.  The best way I can participate in this healing process is to LET GO!  The more I could relax and trust in the process, the more comfortable I became and could see the benefits unfolding.  It's amazing that so little pressure can have such a big effect on the nervous system.  She is like a body whisperer!  It's incredible how in-tune she is with the body, mind, and spirit!!!  I completely trust her!"  - Summer P. 

"The depth and flow complimented each other perfectly.  Four weeks in a sling after shoulder surgery has left my rhomboids, teres, and spinatus muscles extremely short and tight.  Rachel blasted through them with a grace and effectiveness I have never experienced.  I've received many massages off and on over the years and NONE were as effective at meeting my needs as this one."  - Dan P.  

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