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Injury Rehab   $120.00 / 90 minute session

If you are recovering from surgery, have a sports injury or are feeling pain post work out then a 90 minute Injury Rehab session may be exactly what you need.  During an injury rehabilitation session the therapist will address the injury with the knowledge that the entire body functions as one dynamic unit and an injury can affect many different components of the body.  A Craniosacral Therapy session is certainly a wonderful way to comprehensively address and help resolve many conditions and injuries.  An Injury Rehab session is a little different than a Craniosacral Therapy session.  The main difference is agenda and tools.  In a Craniosacral Therapy session the main two tools are the therapist's hands (therapeutic touch) and the client's Inner Wisdom (the non-conscious part of the self that knows what needs to happen to help the body self-correct). There is no agenda other than the client's goals for the session and that the therapist listens to and follows the body's self-correcting mechanisms.  During a Craniosacral Therapy session the client remains fully clothed and need not move around at all unless the client feels it natural and comfortable to do so in order to facilitate release. 

During an Injury Rehab session the therapist's agenda is to listen to the client's Inner Wisdom while using Craniosacral therapy as well as other useful injury rehab procedures.  Craniosacral therapy is used as the main tool during an Injury Rehab session.  Additionally, myofascial techniques, lymphatic massage, combination ice massage/heat therapy, and stretch therapy may be used harmoniously in order to help the body reintegrate and heal in an efficient manner.    

The client may be asked to disrobe partially or full body for the session and will be draped according to massage industry standards.  The client may also be asked to move into a variety of positions during the session (lying prone, supine, sitting or standing).  Compassionate sensitivity for the injury will be of highest priority.  You can be assured the therapist will not make any request that she does not believe will enhance the therapeutic affect of treatment.  Clients are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing with minimal accessories and to come well hydrated.       

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