CranioSacral   $60.00 / 60 minute session

In CranioSacral Therapy we work with the CranioSacral system (comprised mainly of the cerebral spinal fluid, bones of the skull and spine, and meninges) and their relationship with the central nervous system.  Every symptom in the body is somehow mediated through the central nervous system.  Using gentle touch techniques the therapist works with tissues throughout the body in conjunction with the CranioSacral system to release restrictions.  This facilitates the body naturally moving toward healing and optimal wellness. 

CranioSacral Therapy may be beneficial for a wide variety of issues including and certainly not limited to autism, Alzheimer's, headaches, chronic pain, injury, stress, anxiety, addiction, IBS, trauma, PTSD, TMJ dysfunction, childbirth, childbirth recovery for infant and mother, and end of life care.  The therapy is safe and helpful for individuals of all ages from infancy to adulthood.  A CranioSacral session lasts 60 minutes, during which time the client lies fully clothed on the table.  Accommodations are easily made for individuals who are unable to lay an hour on their back.  Clients are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing with minimal accessories.

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“I highly recommend craniosacral therapy.  I suffer from migraines and after a car accident, pain from migraines and the injuries I sustained was severe.  The craniosacral therapy I received helped my body heal and was the only treatment I received that didn't aggravate my injuries or migraines.  Rachel is wonderful at listening and never rushed me as I explained my symptoms.  She was great to answer my questions and used medical research and articles to explain craniosacral therapy.  I felt so much better after seeing her and never felt pushed into treatment.  I would recommend Rachel to anyone who feels pain.”


- Katie L.  


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